redeemed camp

Redeemed Camp is a faith-based charitable organisation registered in England and Wales, set up to provide relief and support to individuals and communities experiencing lack and poverty around the world. We provide material and financial relief or support. We also tackle poverty by providing and advocating for improved access to education and learning resources. By doing so, we believe that we can engineer social change and improve society.

what we do

Enter into our store of boundless resources for spiritual, moral and intellectual edification. Our digital shelves hold offerings from classical thinkers to literary giants; with a considerable helping of faith and academic servings.

Christianity is a faith scored for many voices. This blog is our addition to those voices. The title is drawn from an ancient Rabbinic principle that sanctifies dissent, if the purpose of dissent is to serve a noble cause. We do not regurgitate traditional and established religious doctrines. When and where we differ in approach, we do so for the sake of heaven.

Adun is the arm of Redeemed Camp that engages humanity by touching one life at a time. It’s our proverbial pebble in a placid lake. The ripples of our activities continue to spread through every part of the globe.

Connected Communities

On our intercessory and social media pages, we offer visitors and friends platforms on which to pray, counsel, learn, teach, be blessed, be a blessing and to make a difference.