Redeemed Camp was born out of a bible study fellowship.

We set out to explore truth through the prism of the word of God. More importantly, we challenge ourselves to approach scripture from non-doctrinal perspectives.

Impacting Lives & Society

Our  mission is to work towards improving the quality of life of as many people and communities as we can, by identifying gaps in provision and delivering direct support. In addition to providing material and financial relief or support, we partner with organisations and volunteers with a similar vision in providing our services and impacting lives.

Community Engagement

Redeemed Camp is out in the community doing what we preach. We are actively involved in evangelical work at various churches and religious events.

We regularly support food banks across London with food, provisions and toiletries for individuals in need.

In line with the SOW (Strangers/Migrants, Orphans/Youth and Widows) strategy of Adun®, our Trustees also volunteer from time to time at various charities that work in these areas. It is a hands-on approach to caring and helping as well as a human resource development initiative to make our people better at what we do.

Funmi Dele-Giwa, Redeemed Camp Administrator (Right) volunteering at Refugee & Migrant Forum of Essex & London (RAMFEL)

Debbie Giwa, Redeemed Camp Trustee, (right) volunteering at the New Horizon Youth Centre, London

Trustees of Redeemed Camp, Debbie and Billy Giwa, with the Duke of Kent at a Buckingham Palace engagement.