Adun is the charitable arm of Redeemed Camp®.

The Yoruba word ‘adun’ translated into English means “to make good, sweet or well.” It is the primary purpose of Adun to make well those in need of wellness; either through financial grants, material contributions or undertaking projects that positively impact the quality of a person’s life.

S.O.W. Strategy

The SOW strategy – Strangers (Migrants), Orphans & Widows is drawn from verses in the bible that demonstrate God’s care and concern for people found in such situations – asking that we care for the stranger, widow and orphan because they usually have no one to care for them.

Homelessness Prevention Initiative

With the Homelessness Prevention Initiative, we aim to support individuals and families who are at risk of becoming homeless. Ours is a vision that seeks to break the cycle of homelessness where possible.

How We Work

We live in challenging times and the changes in the global socio-economic landscape have largely negatively affected individuals, homes and communities.

These unfortunate changes have not been restricted to specific continents, regions or social classes and with such a wide spread impact, we feel that we have a duty to contribute to the common good.