Access Our Services

We aim to help in easing the burdens that every day life brings through our SOW strategy and the Homelessness Prevention Initiative.

Our support may be in the form of providing assistance in meeting a specific need or through monetary grants given to individuals referred or in support of other existing charitable organisations with similar objectives. Our contact form can also be used to ask for advice and support, and an adviser will aim to respond to your query within 5 working days.

Our Trustees frequently meet to jointly decide which causes to support and levels of contribution.

In the past we have given:

  • donations to meet a particular need;
  • special grants to relieve sickness or infirmity;
  • food supplies to help people in a state of poverty or lack;
  • basic supplies, such as children’s clothes and shoes, books and other personal or educational supplies to help families and children in need;
  • donations to other charities accommodating those in need in the areas of poverty alleviation and immigration and asylum; and
  • one-off donations in a crisis or disaster.

Our Trustees are in constant touch with each other to ensure any request for help is dealt with as quickly as possible. This can be as fast as a few hours from receipt of a request.

In order to access our funding or support, your application or request must align with the causes we support. In addition, it must meet our grant making policy criteria. A copy of this policy can be accessed below.

Once you have ascertained that your needs align with our criteria, complete and submit the application form below. Please note that this application form is only compatible with desktops, laptops and tablets (not mobile phones).