Homelessness Prevention Intiative

In line with Adun’s primary ethos to help ease the burdens that everyday life brings to the less fortunate in society, the Homelessness Prevention Initiative aims to support people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. Ours is a vision that seeks to provide housing support to individuals and families that are suffering under the instability and insecurity that homelessness brings.

In particular we aim to provide access to general housing information and where possible, we will signpost to relevant authorities established to support housing needs.   

Please get in touch with us if you are facing homelessness or any other ancillary housing difficulty. Before you contact us, we strongly recommend that you read our Service Standards and Advisory Terms & Conditions.


We are able to provide advice and/or signpost you to organisations or the department within your local authority that can offer you the support you need, where:

  • You are homeless or threatened with homelessness and you want to know what to do;
  • Your local authority has declined to offer you housing for any reason and you wish to appeal or request a review;
  • You received a Court Order or a Notice requiring you to leave your accommodation/home;
  • You have to leave your accommodation/home as a result of violence;
  • You have been asked to leave by family or friends with whom you have been living;
  • You have been served a notice by your landlord/lady to leave your private rented accommodation and you don’t know what to do and who to approach;
  • Your landlord/lady has commenced legal proceedings against you and you need help understanding the claim and how to respond adequately or who to approach for legal assistance; and
  • You have issues regarding your temporary accommodation and you need information that might help you to resolve the problems you are experiencing.

Ancillary Housing Issues:

We are able to provide you with advice and signposting support where:

  • You are overcrowded in your accommodation/home and you need to be re-housed;
  • You need to move due to medical reasons or the property impacts on your medical condition
    i.e. you have a severe mobility issue and the property you live in does not have a lift, among other issues;
  • You are in accommodation that is larger than your needs require and you wish to downsize;
  • You are interested in mutual exchange and want to know where to register;
  • You are an elderly person and you would like to be moved to a sheltered home;
  • You want to know about supported accommodation and where to turn to for assistance; and
  • You are sleeping rough and need to know how to go about securing an accommodation.

Other Support Services:

1. Tenancy Relation Services

We are able to provide you with advice and direct you to the appropriate Tenancy Relation Officer in your local authority, if there is one. The role of a Tenancy Relation Officer is to advise tenants, landlords and leaseholders about their rights and to ensure the right procedures are adhered to by all parties in regards to the tenancy/leasehold.

Please contact us for this support if you:

  • need information on the Right to Buy process and how to go about purchasing your accommodation/home; and
  • need information regarding types of tenancies;
  • have a rent Arrears matter and you need help on how to address this;
  • need to contact your landlord concerning damp, mould and other repair work needed in your accommodation/home.

2. General Assistance

We are also able to signpost you to:

  • Agencies that provide Debt Advice etc.
  • Food banks and where to find them in your locality.

Housing Enquiries

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