The Goliath Trilogy

Why did the elect of God quake and tremble before a human being, worse, one with the sort of disability that plagued Goliath?

The Goliath Trilogy

Going by the first words that Goliath spoke to David, you knew it wouldn’t take a ‘David’ to knock Goliath out. Anyone could have taken him down.

Anointing For Sale

Anointing is about empowerment for a divine purpose – partnering with God, impacting the world, leaving a legacy, higher ideals, altruism, the like.

Torah’s Merciful God

It’s time we stopped this ‘God of the Old Testament’ and ‘God of the New Testament’ theosophy.

Logic Over Revelation

Covenants especially when entered into by God are articles of faith, faithfulness, fidelity, trust and love.

A Line No One Should Cross

In our passion to play advocate for God, there is a slope down which we must not slither. There are lines no one should cross.